Production Kubernetes (My Book!)

2021 has been a year. Due to several professional and personal things, I haven't been as active writing, teaching, and recording videos as I'd like. In fact, this will be my only new content for 2021. However, this is a big piece of content! I'm ecstatic to be writing about (albeit late) my book Production Kubernetes!

This book was written alongside my co-workers John Harris, Rich Lander, and Alex Brand. I've worked with these humans architecting, engineering, and deploying Kubernetes at scale since ~Kubernetes 1.2. We also worked together at some key Kubernetes shops such as CoreOS and Heptio until we eventually found ourselves at VMware. This book encapsulates many of our learnings over the years and takes you on a journey describing how we navigate cloud-native technologies. An interesting aspect of this book is that it is not a how-to book. We took the stance early on that existing documentation suffices in teaching you how to do things in Kubernetes. This book focuses on the what and why. It is about decisions and trade-offs, which we feel is the real crux of doing Kubernetes in production.

func main() {
  fmt.Println("Hello world")

You can preview the book here. Details to download or purchase the book are below.

Download (Free)

Download Production Kubernetes for free at

This is a VMware marketing page and requires an email and other details to download. If you're comfortable with this, you'll be given a (PDF) download of the full (~500 page) book.


You can purchase the physical book or Kindle version via Amazon.